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5 Invaluable Lessons I Learned at the EWomen Network Conference

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This month I attended a 4-day women’s entrepreneurship conference in Dallas, TX and it was the single-most life changing and business-altering experiences I’ve ever had - and not for the reasons I expected. I didn’t meet hundreds of ideal clients (necessarily), I didn’t sell any business (yet), but I met the most inCREDIBLE mentors and women I can look up to and learned some invaluable lessons. For you, I’ve curated my top 5 - and I included a 6th bonus! Check it out.

1. Websites are Dead

websites are dead

Social Media is the name of the game now. The majority of consumers DON’T go to your website first - they go to your social media platforms. From there they make quick assumptions about your brand, your business, and what you can do for them. Do NOT underestimate the power of social media anymore, it’s 2019. I’m not suggesting you ditch your Squarespace subscription (yet) but social media is KING. Did you know Instagram is a billion dollar industry? Yeah. The average Instagram user earns over $100k in annual revenue. They sound like great customers to me!

e women network conference

2. Stop Re-Inventing The Wheel

So often as entrepreneurs we are trying to do things a new and innovative way and ignoring the people that have come before us. Well, it’s time to stop being an idiot and start using the legwork of your competition to succeed faster. If your competition is doing something that works (like getting website traffic, or they have a great sales funnel, or they have a kick-ass social media) then HACK IT and COPY IT like your business depends on it! Because...well.. It DOES! No, I’m not saying plagiarize and I’m not saying copy each word, image and aesthetic. I’m saying hack the TEMPLATE and make it YOUR OWN.

3. Your Mind is Your Most Powerful Business Tool

how to use your mind to fuel your business

I hear it over and over again - the most successful people utilize the power of their MIND to reach success. There is NOTHING more powerful than the thoughts you think, the words that come out of your mouth, and your VISION for SUCCESS. Spend time with that vision DAILY. Speak the truth that you desire into form. If you don’t know how to do this pick up the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes or Mindful Success by Maggie Cook. Recognize that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and you can use the divine to fuel your business. If it sounds and feels ridiculous, you’re doing it right! Believe in it anyway and the “kingdom” will literally be yours.

4. Micro-influence is the Sweet Spot

how to become an influencer

There are 4 kinds of influence; Mega, Macro, Micro and Nano. Mega-Influencers are you celebrities, actors, musicians they have 1M+ followers on Instagram. While this may seem appealing and you may think that all those people would be great for your web traffic and sales - the reality is Mega influence is actually extremely unfocused because of the diversity of followers. The real sweet spot is actually in Micro-Influence for several reasons A) It’s attainable (1K-100K followers) B) It’s a manageable size and you can develop intimate relationships with your followers and C) you have very high engagement from your followers. So, when you’re aiming for the stars with your IG just remember that there is in fact a sweet spot when it comes to influence.

5.  It’s Not a Vision Board - It’s an Action Board

how to create a vision board

Whoa!! Mind-blowing isn’t it? A-C-T. Action-Changes-Things. Vision-boards mean NOTHING if they sit there and cause you no inspired action. So next time you’re considering making a vision board say “NO”. Instead make an action-board and watch your next steps unfold. Thanks to Maggie Cook for that GREAT quote.

That’s it for my 5 invaluable lessons I learned at the EWomen Network conference! I cannot wait to see what the Icon2020 Conference holds next year! Will I be seeing you there?

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