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How to Use Instagram Stories (for business)


Recently I came across a fabulous episode of the Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael Stelzner that covered Instagram Stories for business. Their guest was Alex Beadon a Instagram Stories EXPERT who gave a TON of great insider tips on how to utilize Instagram Stories to drive business. I want to dive in and cover a couple of things that I learned that are novel and useful. Let’s get started!

how to use instagram

Master the art of storytelling — There is a reason why they’re called Instagram Stories and the most successful use of the platform utilizes the key elements of any great story. A set-up, inciting event or introduction, great characters, a middle and most importantly and ending! So many Instagram story users forget to post an ending making viewers feel dissatisfied for following on your journey. Don’t leave your viewers hanging, make sure you sign off at the end of your series of stories so that viewers know the journey is complete.

Weekly series’ are an easy way to get started — If you’re wondering where to start with stories, try creating a weekly series. For example “Work with me Wednesdays” and you bring people along and show them a behind-the-scenes of what you work day looks like. Try to think about what you brand, service and product is and think about something that you get a lot of questions about and start there with your weekly series. Audiences will be FASCINATED!

how to use instagram stories

Sometimes what seems the most mundane is the most engaging — For example, just posting a picture of coffee vs tea and asking what you should have this morning? This or that questions.. yes or no questions.. all perform REALLY well on Instagram Stories. You don’t have to be the most creative or live the most fab life for people to want to watch — it’s actually the opposite. People are curious about your every day life.

Start conversations - One of the best ways to drive engagement on Instagram is to use the Stickers button to start conversations, chat rooms, or receive FAQs from your audience. If people DM you based on your story and ask you a question — send back your answer to them, screenshot it, block off their name or handle and then post THAT as a story - because likely other people have the same question! Use FAQs to fuel your content. Let your audience become part of the conversation. They feel included and this builds community.

Be authentic - On Instagram stories the name of the game is authenticity. Instagram posts are for you most polished photos, but Stories is a peak behind the curtain. Use this as an opportunity to try out new content, test new public speaking topics, test new jokes — whatever! As long as you’re being yourself you will be engaging and you will shine.

That’s it for how to utilize Instagram Stories! If you want to learn more, I highly recommend Alex Beaden’s program GRAM SLAM! It looks amazing and is definitely something I’ll be enrolling in, in the near future.