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Case Study: School Principal Challenging School Norms


Did you know that 5% of my clientele are school principals? I know right?! When I start my videography business school principals were not a niche market I was expecting to tap into. However, I’ve had a wonderful time working with principals across the US to create Brand Videos that help elevate their speaking careers, and establish them as influencers in their industry.

Adam communicates to a Kindergartner how to make eye contact and stand up straight.

Adam communicates to a Kindergartner how to make eye contact and stand up straight.

Take Adam Dovico for example. Adam is on a mission to change school “norms” forever. As he says in the video, we’ve been doing education the same way for decades and it hasn’t gotten us very far (PREACH ADAM!). Adam is determined to inspire and motivate schools everywhere, public and private, to reach new levels of rigor, engagement and inclusivity by challenging the status quo and trying something new.

He does this by appearing at speaking engagements in the education industry (I.e. Get Your Teach On Conference) and doing one-on-one work with clients across the county who are teachers, principals and super intendants to help them break the mold within their school.

Adam works with a student on their project.

Adam works with a student on their project.

When Adam came to me - he wanted to create 2 videos: 1) A Brand Video for his website and for social media that he can use to promote his message and develop brand awareness, and 2) a speaking introduction video that can play before he hops on stage to talk to hundreds of educators - something that will pump them up, move them emotionally and get them excited to hear Adam speak.

We started off like I do with all my clients - a deep dive phone call where we talk about everything from the brand mission, goal and vision to my client’s struggles, fears and soul wounds. Here’s what Adam has to say about it.

“The deep dive phone call helped me critically think about my audience and mission. Savannah pushed me to think about why I was doing what I was doing and how to best relay my message to an audience. I especially enjoyed the collaborative aspects of the phone call and how she was right there along with me brainstorming my brand.” - Client / Adam Dovico

Adam emphasizes starting with school culture before tackling academics, and this is because if you start with school culture you create a space where students and teachers WANT to be. Then, once you’ve developed trust with your staff you can tackle the more difficult issues in education. When you walk through Adam’s school in North Carolina if FEELS different. Kids come up and shake your hand and talk about what they’re leaning in class. Students are polite and engaging, teachers are excited and having fun - and I wanted to make sure we captured this and make it tangible to viewers during both videos.

School culture at Moore Elementary.

School culture at Moore Elementary.

While I really wanted to go more in depth about what school culture is — being on the outside of their industry it took me a little bit to understand what that buzzword actually means — but I also knew we needed to keep both videos short, ideally under 1 minute. Ultimately I decided to cut down on the definitions of school culture based on what I know about his target audience which is that they are educators too - they’ll have already heard this buzzword and be interested in this topic, they don’t need it explained to them. While I made sure to include visuals that cover this, I didn’t linger on this subject in the final edit.

Additionally, having two distinct call to actions was important to us. The Brand Video should encourage people to reach out to Adam and schedule a call, bring him to their school to see what he’s all about - whereas the Speaking Video should get everyone pumped and excited and end in a way that segues us into his talk. So as you watch the two videos take note of the different call to actions at the end of each video.

All in all for the HOURS of footage that we shot - I feel we boiled it down to the very best testimonials, sound bites and visuals. Adam feels confident that these are videos he can use to promote his work and I am looking forward to adding them to my portfolio.

“Now that I have my videos, I am able to provide a way for clients to see me doing what I love to do. These videos capture who I am and what I can bring to help educators and schools.” — Client / Adam Dovico

Are you a teacher or educator who wants to reach a larger market? Consider how a video might work in your favor and win people over before you even set foot in the room.

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