10 Ideas for Video Content that Any Business Can Utilize

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Whether you’re a videographer searching for new ideas or a DIY business owner looking to promote your business through video - these 10 ideas will get you inspired and excited to hit record!

  1. Tell Your Story

    No, not the story of your business. The story about who YOU are as a business owner, as an entrepreneur, as a human on this planet. Tell your customers WHY you do what you do. Talk about what excites you and lights you up about your work and how that ties into SPECIFIC stories and experiences from your personal life. Get vulnerable and uncomfortable and share something real. Allow your customers to connect with you in a meaningful way.

  2. Create an On-Going Web Series

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We all love to binge-watch TV… so why not make a binge-worthy series when it comes to your business? This might mean creating a fictional world and characters that advertise for you in a compelling story or it might mean creating a reality tv series (think any show on HGTV). Whatever the case may be, create something that has 8-10 short episodes (can be 2-10 minutes each) and let the binge-watchers do what they do best.

3. Interview Experts

Thanks to the internet, credible and reliable information is at our fingertips within a few seconds. But also, so is a bunch of garbage. When it comes to the industries we care about, we’ll happily give a few minutes of our time to a video that features a credible source. If your customers love your product or service, they’ll also love to learn more about your industry. Reach out to some experts in your area and invite them to come share their wisdom on your platform. It’s great marketing for all involved and will give your customers something extremely valuable that they’ll continue to come back for.

4. Take us Behind the Scenes

People love getting a peak behind the curtain. This could mean taking people into your unique process and breaking it down so they can understand it better, or it might mean showing some satisfying, mesmerizing visuals and calling it a day. Depending on your industry this might be more or less involved, but if there is one thing no one can resist it’s a great behind-the-scenes video.

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5. Give a Tour

Similarly, if you have a great facility or office - show it off! Give your audience a grand tour. Talk about how you found the space, how you decorated it and why, what each nook and cranny is used for and how your location contributes to offering them a better product or service. These videos are also great for medical practices or anything that might seem foreign or “scary” to a consumer. Demystify the experience for them and watch them walk right through your door with confidence.

6. Showcase Testimonials

There is nothing more powerful than a glowing review or testimonial from a happy client. Hearing how someone’s life has been impacted and positively changed because of your product or service is the highest form of advertising around. Be sure to extract the real feelings and personality of the client so that viewers (aka future customers) can strongly identify with the “before” and feel relieved and excited about the “after”.

7. Educate Someone

Thanks to Youtube we live in an era of DIY. This is great for generating leads and getting people interested in your brand. Create a Youtube video that teaches your target market how to do something. Help them solve an annoying problem. Teach them a new recipe. Give them a handy dandy video checklist. Something they can do on their own but that they wouldn’t have been able to do without you. Demonstrate your value to them and they’ll become a customer for life!

8. Document Someone

Everybody loves before and after videos - this is kind of like that. Document someone (or even yourself) going through your service or utilizing your product for 30 days. Have them record video diaries, keep track of any changes, and express how they’re feeling along the way. It’s like SuperSize Me in a short video format. Demonstrating the value that your product or service has on their lives is going to be the most impactful use of video.

9. Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the team videos are a great way to get a lot of content out of one or two short video shoots. Rotate your team members in and out of the hot seat and have them answer the same set of questions. Then, roll these videos out weekly to get engagement and garner a following from your viewers. The people are what make your business special, so share their voices and shine their light. They’ll likely share the videos as well taking your reach even farther on social media.

10. Answer FAQs

This is a great simple way to get started in video and start talking directly to your consumers. Everybody loves a quick answer to a burning question (that’s why Google is so popular!), so use this to your advantage and answer all those FAQs that you are asked on the regular. Send them out weekly in an e-mail and you’ve got yourself an on-going campaign that is a lead generation magnet.

So there you have it! 10 Video Content Ideas that Any Business can Utilize.

Of course if you need help executing any of your video needs, Primrose Path Productions is always here to help :)