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Hannah's best friend is getting married, throwing everything Hannah has ever thought, breathed and wondered about her own relationship into question. After spiraling into a deep depression, Hannah is determined to find her footing, and fight her way out -- before the doubt consumes everything she loves.

Are We There Yet asks all the questions that keep you up at night, and all the questions you don't have answers to.

While the short film Are We There Yet has already been released, (Watch it here on our website, or Youtube) this short scene is actually an excerpt from a longer short film. If you liked the short project, then you will definitely like the longer short. The longer film delves into topic matters that the short project only scratched the surface of; depression, young marriage, friendship, spirituality and doubt. Want to know more? Sign up to read the full length script. Then, if you like it, submit your e-mail below to become a fan.

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cyberstalking web series

Cyberstalking is an rapidly growing crime that still remains invisible to the majority of the population; invisible pain, invisible trauma, invisible perpetrators. Many cyberstalkers live among us, facing little to no consequences for their actions, while the victims face their trauma for the rest of their lives. Bringing the stories of victims to a wider audience would ultimately help to bring about justice for those who's lives have been affected by this horrible crime. By getting personal, honest and up close we not only empower victims to speak up about what happened to them, but we empower audience members to speak up and support victims. The more people that understand and care about the severity of this crime, the more likely it is to provoke change.

If you would like to talk about your experience bring cyberstalked on camera, please submit your story below for consideration.