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Our documentary background lends us a pretty fresh perspective on things. We know how to shape true stories into emotionally captivating events. We know the way to an audience's heart, and you know the heart of your business. Together, we can create video content that clients, customers and consumers will fall in LOVE with, that will drive sales and allow you to thrive. It all starts with one powerful video. 




At Primrose Path Productions, we help business owners and entrepreneurs create authentic, relatable and entertaining video content on a regular basis to grow their brand. We utilize video to help you solve the following issues:

Communication/Education – Educating and clearly communicating to the general public and potential clients who you are and what you do.

Building a Personal Brand & Building an Audience – By creating consistent video content you are becoming a resource for people online to learn more about your industry and specifically your business. You are putting a face and personality behind your brand making it more relatable, authentic and understandable for audience members and potential clients.

Build Confidence On Camera – Camera shy? We work with professionals who can help you learn to feel comfortable and confident on camera. In the age of social media this is an invaluable gift that you can take with you for the rest of your life.

Gain Visibility – The largest audience in human history is at your finger tips. With us, you’ll be creating content that viewers can’t ignore – meaning that your brand will be reaching farther than ever before and touching lives across the country – maybe even the globe.

Entertain and Transform – Viewers love to be entertained! Whether that means comedically, emotionally or otherwise. We are first and foremost storytellers and we can help transform your brand into a story that others will care about. Your content can help transform lives and create real change.

Grow, Profit & Expand -- Through the power of the internet, there are a million ways to create passive, streamlined revenue. By making use of your (now reputable) personal brand, you can sell everything from e-books and online courses to products in your industry via affiliate marketing.

It starts with commitment and a willingness to show up and leads to a career of endless possibility. 


If you wanted to have a video done like yesterday go ahead and use the schedule a call button below to schedule a one-on-one phone call (30 mins). If you’re curious about video and would like to know more, or would otherwise like to connect. Send us an inquiry using the form below!