The Edit Bay We Didn't Win

I think I'm truly starting to understand in a way I didn't before what they mean when they say that a career in film and video is 98% rejection. Maybe even 99%. But seriously - I never win any competitions, I don't get accepted to many festivals - it's quite possible that nobody likes my films. But the thing that I realized is that, even if that is the case it doesn't really matter because even if nobody watched my films I'd still want to make them. I'd still LOVE making them. It's part of who I am to create content and I enjoy it so much, I don't think I'll ever stop or retire. In a weird way, once I realized this getting rejected didn't suck as much. 

I was listening to a podcast episode (Hello, Pivot Podcast) on perfectionism, and somebody said instead of waiting to produce work that is perfect, "take people along for the ride". Meaning, maybe you're not the best yet (and maybe you never will be) but let people come on the ride with you as your work grows, changes and improves. That is way more engaging and authentic than just showing up as the best in the first place. Let people grow with you. Done is better than perfect anyway. 

So all this to say, we submitted to a FilmSupply challenge and didn't win anything. But I got a really great creative trailer for The Year of Artful Comments out of it and a reminder that it was never about winning anything in the first place. It's just about creating work that fulfills me. Also to remind my peers not to compare your behind-the-scenes with someone else's highlight reel.