We Recommend: Carmilla

Feel as though you have seen everything under the sun? Netflix, HBO and Hulu are all dried up? Well, it might be time for you to delve into the depths of YouTube. Last night was my first trip down the rabbit hole and I'm happy to say I already stumbled upon a web series I'm freakin' obsessed with. It certainly helps that I already fell in love with the adorable, awkward and lively lead actress Elise Bauman, when I saw her in Almost Adults at the Austin Film Festival. Cute as she may be, she's not the only reason I love this YouTube sensation Carmilla.

For one, the cast is almost entirely made up of lesbian female characters -- yes! Secondly, the blend between reality and the mythical world is seamless and at times comical. I mean it's so obvious by just a few episodes in that  (SPOILER ALERT) Carmilla (Natasha Negovanlis)  is a vampire, but lovable and oblivious Lauren (Bauman) doesn't figure this out until MUCH later.

Carmilla is a vlog-style web series adapted from a novella by the same name, much like it's predecessors Nothing Much to Do and The Lizzie Bennett Diaries. But while these other web series' feel confined and lacking because of their format, Carmilla is enhanced by it and thrives on it. Like a studio sitcom confined to it's one set, Carmilla feels familiar and natural. As a viewer, I don't desire to see more outside the room, I feel perfectly content in the space we're in.

I'm looking forward to seeing where the story takes me, as well as where this new genre does. In the same way that VR is pioneering a new front in media, web series' are pushing boundaries and changing the relationship between viewer and creator -- or rather feaux creator (the character inside the show, Laura). I hope to find a web series that pushes this boundary even further and uses the medium to its maximum potential.

Seen a good web series recently? Comment below so I can check it out!