Hey Everyone! 

We have a special holiday treat you to watch this Halloween! From the Primrose Path archives, Night Shift, adapts one creepy reddit story into a 3 minute horror film! Directed by Savannah Power, with sound deign by Samantha Doyle this mini-thriller doesn't play around.

Read the reddit strand that inspired it all but WAIT -- watch the film first because you wouldn't want to spoil the fun ;)

A young woman is victim to a creepy encounter on her way home from work. Based on a Reddit strand and adapted for film.

The Story

By Cranklowza on Reddit

I was about 15 minutes from finishing the night shift at work when there was a massive crash on one of the windows in the office so I get up and go to check it out. Someone has thrown quite a sizable rock through one of the windows on the front of the building. This is made especially weird because I'm working in the industrial district at 11:30 at night with none of the other businesses open. I go back to my desk, put a quick call through to security to let them know and decide to head home. As I'm leaving the building I'm freaking myself out about it more and more and end up running to my car, getting in and taking off. I'm almost home and I've started to calm down a bit when I realize that I didn't unlock my car when I got in. It had been unlocked the whole time. I do a quick check with my hand in the backseat for any possible murderers that might be hanging around there but there's nothing there.

Fast forward 30 minutes: I've called a friend of mine who says he is out drinking so I decide I'm going to join him. I jump on my bicycle and start riding over. I'm doodling along the road on my bike, it's a nice night and I'm in no big rush, just enjoying the moonlight when I hear someone riding behind me. I straighten up and stick to one side of the road. He passes me really slowly and, when he is right beside me, he shoots me a smile I can describe as purely fucking insane. I kind of flinch and am taken aback as he rides on. That's when I realize. He is riding my mom's bike.

Needless to say, I sprint the fuck home. When I get there, sure enough her bike is missing and one of my car's doors is open. The back left one. I was driving, and had no need to open that door.

The Sound Design

Now that you're familiar with the story and the film you can give us your expert opinion on it's sound design. During the making of the film, I thought it would be interesting to make an alternate version with an entirely difference soundscape. Both versions are so unique and awesome that we feature one on our Youtube and another on our website!

For a little fun we thought you might want to give them both a listen and decide for yourself which one is your favorite!

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