Project: Going Home

I've finally begun editing this project and thought I would share some thoughts with you on it.

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 7.43.33 PM.png

With my childhood home on the market -- actually, in the midst of being sold -- I felt compelled to head home with my camera and commit some memories to digital memory.  An unscripted, candid portrait of my weekend going home. That meant bringing my camera and audio gear EVERYWHERE with me and at times, forfeiting genuine conversation for recorded half-performance conversations.

While I tried my best to be myself when I knew the camera was recording, that was near impossible for my Dad. He's just about the biggest ham around. Irritated as I was at the time, I've found in the editing process that it suits him. In a sense, it's a more authentic portrait of my Dad than I originally planned for or could have predicted.

The project was started to "document my childhood home", but what I ended up documenting was the overall experience of returning home that inevitably surrounds the documentation of the home itself.

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The project is shot as an homage to The Men of Dodge City, a Nandan Rao film I saw in a class at Emerson. At first I hated the style, it can be very challenging to watch. However, I felt upon my return home that it was in fact the perfect way to document my trip. 

The main difference between Rao's work an mine being that all the conversations depicted in mine are candid, rather than scripted/improvised. I thought it would be interesting to try and carve a plot, a theme, an arc out of footage shot almost documentary style (excluding interviews) while maintaining a narrative feel. I am hoping that audiences will be able to piece together the day-to-day goings-ons, and get glimpses of conversations but not the whole context surrounding them. Most importantly I hope you walk away with a mood, a feeling, from the combination of images and sounds that I collected during my time at home.

Looking forward to sharing it with you.