The Film About Cyberstalking You've Been Waiting For


Watch this Trailer made with FilmSupply footage for the FilmSupply challenge 2017!



November 2017: Entered into a Fiscal Sponsorship with Film Independent!

August 2017: Applied for ITVS Open Call.

July 2017: Halfway point for the 3 month intensive Forgiveness coaching.

June 2017: Applied for the Chicken & Egg Accelerator lab.

May 2017: Director interviews Emily J Hooks and begins 3 month intensive in Forgiveness Coaching.

April 2017: Producer Amanda Spain joins the Artful Comments team.

March 2017: Director meets Emily J Hooks Author and Forgiveness Coach and proposes an interview and filmed coaching session.

January 2017: Director applies for grants and documentary labs.

October 2016: Rough cut of the film is finished but it is clear more filming will be necessary to complete the film.

August 2016: The production team interviews Cyberstalking expert Jayne Hitchcock in New England.

June 2016: Production continues in Portsmouth, RI with an interview from Sarah* the director's best friend at the time of the stalking. More B Roll and reenactments.

May 2016: Early editing and transcription process begins.

April 2016: Indiegogo Funding Successful

March 2016: Filming begins in California, interviewing the director's parents and siblings. Reenactments, B Roll, and other footage is obtained. 

January 2016: The idea is born.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent. 


Everywhere you look, people are exposing themselves in ways online that is unprecedented, and they are doing it without giving it a second thought. As technology develops, my story only becomes more relevant, as more and more cases like this are going to come up. 

            The technology is new, but the issues are as old as time.

The messages started appearing at first as just a simple line or two. Insulting my lack of cleavage. Giving me pointers on fucking. Then they became more aggressive.
— Savannah Power, Director/Victim

            While The Year of Artful Comments mainly focuses on cyberstalking, the story cannot be told without touching on a multitude of topics; Peer-to-peer bullying, betrayal trauma, incest, mental health issues, and forgiveness -- just to name a few. These topics are all interrelated and directly concern each other. Until our society becomes comfortable talking about bullying, about rape culture, and the stigma that is attached to victims of these types of crimes, these issues will never be resolved. Furthermore, until our society learns to redefine the meaning of forgiveness and actively pursue it, none of us can be free.

            I feel that being both the filmmaker and the victim puts me in the strongest possible position to make this film. It is close to my heart, I am passionate about creating change, and only I can show an audience what happened in my psyche, only I can truly explain what this experience was like for me. When you have a story like this, everyone involved has their own version, each as valid as the next. What makes this documentary special is that it’s not an unbiased look at cyberstalking. It’s a personal examination of cyberstalking. And while I will be including arguments and perspectives that counter my own, at its core the film will remain my story and mine alone.

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