At Primrose Path Productions we promote vulnerable storytelling. That means a commitment to realism in our narrative work and authentic, vulnerable expression in our non-narrative and commercial projects. 

In our films, this looks like complex narratives, examining topics that are difficult. We are not fond of "fluff" stories, we typically go for the nitty-gritty, hands-dirty, type stories that leave you with chills down to your core.

In our branding and commercial content this means getting to the heart of who you are and the uniqueness your brand has to offer the world. I want every aspect of my video content for you to reflect the core principles of your brand.

There are not many people with the power to create content in this world, and we take that responsibility very seriously.


Challenging the norm is important in all aspects of life, but especially in content creation. By challenging the narratives within our projects, we begin to challenge the larger structures outside of them. What tropes and stereotypes can we leave behind? What human complexities can we showcase? By promoting diverse narratives and tackling difficult questions, we can begin to create powerful narratives that shape and challenge the way our audiences think. An audience that thinks is an audience who is an active participant in their life and the world around them. 


Primrose Path Productions is a green production company. Having seen the waste of the commercial film industry first-hand, we feel it is important to lower our carbon footprint to the best of our ability and encourage the industry to move toward more eco-friendly habits. While our long term goal is to bring our carbon footprint down to zero, at this time we use technology, reusable products and eco-friendly resources to bring down our waste substantially. With production documents shared digitally, and all waste effectively reused, recycled or composted we happily call ourselves a "zero waste" production company.


We work on a referral basis with a whole bunch of talented freelancers all across the country. Meet some of our favorite collaborators!